Online Debit Order Signup Web Flyer

Corporate Collect has Developed the world first customer initiated electronic Debit Order opt in platform perfect for donations.

Corporate Collect – Digital Flyers

Fundraising is something that many NGO’s depend on in order to do the vital work that they do in communities. Getting people interested is hard work and too many times potential donors are lost because the facilities to actually collect the donations are not always easy to use or can appear to be not secure.
Corporate Collect
Corporate Collect has developed an application where fundraising can be managed efficiently and securely through the facilities available for debit order processing. We call it our “Web Flyer”.

The Web Flyer allows prospective donors to support the cause by debit order. It can be a ONCE OFF single contribution or a periodic contribution. For you, the NGO, we will provide a simple HTTPS URL to use on your website and in email marketing campaigns. We also have the facilities to incorporate a QR Code that can be scanned by a smartphone.

Once your donors has signed up for their donations you will have a transparent and flexible management interface to allow you full control over the fund collections.
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Corporate Collect is a marketing brand of Kianga Trading (PTY) Ltd and we do Debit Order Processing and Collection in South Africa.

Kianga Trading is duly registered with PASA and PSSF. Kianga Trading is sponsored by ABSA.

How the Corporate Collect Web Flyer Works

  1. The NGO or Organization will register with Corporate Collect
  2. Then we will issue the organization with a link to their Web Flyer similar to this link:
  3. The NGO can then promote or advertise that link on Facebook or on social platforms and their website
  4. Visitors/Clients will then click the link taking them to the signup page

The person fills out his details on the Web Flyer Screen

A Confirmation email is sent to the person for confirmation & validation.

Next the Visitor completes the Debit Order info and Bank Details.

Next the Mandate is explained to the client to ensure its a legal tender.

After this process is complete the Corporate Collect system will debit the nominated account set out by the person who completed the data and then deposit the funds to the NGO or Organisation account on the Corporate Collect Platform. This Web Flyer makes it easy for anyone to collect funds on a monthly basis or once off from contributors or clients.