Debit Order Management Platform


he age of digital banking is here and every business struggles with efficient financial control on collecting funds. There are many options available and each one has benefits and risks. Kianga Business Applications now brings you an efficient Application that gives you full control over your collections.
The most popular debit order collection services in South Africa is done through what is known as TPPP Services (Third Party Payment Processing). The biggest issue for businesses is the fact that this type of service means that your money is collected by a third party and then paid over to you. The risks involved is obvious and it is not always acceptable for businesses that their funds is flowing through a third party system over which they have very little control.

Another option is to arrange your own debit order facilities with your bank and administer your own debit orders directly. At first glance this seems to the logical choice but due to the nature of the National Payment System, managing the debit orders is complicated and confusing. It is time consuming and labour intensive to keep proper track of the actual performance of transactions and it is very complex to identify individual failures. This type of collection is known as SO collections (System Operator) It also requires a high level of IT Skills in house.

Kianga Trading is active in the TPPP industry since 2002 and over the years gained valuable first hand experience in the management issues around debit order collections. While rendering TPPP services to a broad base of clients, Kianga also did SO collections for it self. The result was that our Software Interface was developed to interact efficiently with the National Payment System.

Kianga Trading is now in a position to offer the SO service to clients for their own use. This allows the client, you, to manage and administer your own collections through your own bank account but gives you an industry leading Managing System to maintain and manage it. No more hours and hours of scouring bank statements by expensive personnel and your banks statement contents can now be kept private while your staff gets the relevant information from the Kianga SO system.

You need no Software installations or IT Hardware expansion to use this service.

If you are interested in taking full control of your collections … contact us.
Corporate Collect is a marketing brand of Kianga Trading (PTY) Ltd and we do Debit Order Processing and Collection in South Africa.

Kianga Trading is duly registered with PASA and PSSF.

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