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Who is Corporate Collect

Corporate Collect is the leading debit order collections company in South Africa, servicing South African businesses with daily debit order collections. We pride ourself on our outstanding track record and professional service which is based around seamless debit order collections. Manage your debit orders securely online,through your own personal online profile.

We have a team of expert debit order consultants on call ready to attend to your every need.

Manage your debit orders online from the comfort of your home or office in fact from anywhere with Corporate Collect’s Secure Online Debit Order Management System.

With our Advanced User Management System you can assign multiple managers to administrate your debit order profile online and transact on a daily basis. Managing debit orders online has never been so user friendly, simple and efficient.

Corporate Collect has been involved in online debit order collections since 1998. With more than 15 years of experience in seamless debit order processing and collections,has made Corporate Collect one of the leading and most trusted debit order collection companies in South Africa.

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