Corporate Collect is a leader in the Debit Order Industry in South Africa. With the development of our industry leading Third Party Processing platform you can now load all your clients, schedule multiple debit orders per client and run reoccurring debit orders on clients in intervals of Annual, Six Monthly, Quarterly, Bi Monthly, Monthly, Weekly or even Daily. With one time setup and auto processing until stopped, you never need to upload batches of debit orders every time you want to action them with our easy scheduler. Its time to improve your business’ cash flow with Corporate Collects Leading Debit order Management System.

Corporate Collect has developed a ground breaking Debit Order Management System that you can use to process your Debit Orders directly through your own bank instead of a TPPP, with all the convenience, features and ease of use functions our TPPP platform provides – the best part is you stay in control of your money, everything happens in your bank account, the system reconcile your bank statement with your Debit Order batch upload and bank fees so you can have peace of mind and accurate reports on what you are being billed for and what happened to each and every debit order submitted.

  • Third Party Processing Platform Debit Order System


    Make use of our Third Party Processing Platform

    Pay as Little as R3.50c per Debit Order
    No Up Front Security Deposit Required
    Daily Payouts to your bank account upon request
    Automatic Debit Order Collections
    Smart Date Management Calendar so you never miss a Debit Order runday.
  • System Operator Debit Order Management Software

    R1260 per month

    Process your own Debit Orders direct with your bank.

    Pay as little as R1.60c per Debit Order.
    No Security Deposit required at all.
    Start receiving funds within hours after your batch was processed, no waiting period.
    Automatic Debit Order collections via the scheduler.
    Load Multiple Divisions, Organizations, Franchises or Branches and collect Debit Orders for them through one simple interface.
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96 % Success Rate
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